The Triathlon Programme will take place at one of the best locations in the world for triathlon training. The world-class facilities include:

  • Outdoor, Olympic Pool
  • Gym
  • Soft running trails
  • Running track
  • Transition training area
  • Crystal clear open water with beach entry and exits

Some of the best cycling terrain in Europe, favoured by pro cycling teams and thousands of triathletes.

The weekly triathlon training will include up to 6 swim sessions (up to 9 if you need to give your swimming a boost), 2-3 bike sessions and 2-3 run sessions.  

The Triathlon training will be run in partnership with the Loughborough Triathlon Development programme under GB international Triathlete and now elite coach Jack Hall, and on site locally by former international triathlete Pamela Geijo.  The training groups in Loughborough and Mallorca will have weekly meetings, share information and resources, take training camps together and compete together as one team in Spain and at the British Super Series (for UK based athletes).

We know that all triathletes come to us with different abilities, and the weekly training programme will be tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete.  The emphasis in any week or any session may be different from one person to the next.

As well as the great weather and world class facilities, the huge advantage of being based in Mallorca is that you will also benefit from meeting and perhaps training alongside the international Tri teams and pro Triathletes that come to the BEST Centre on their training camps every year.  You will see how the best junior Triathletes from Germany, Sweden or Switzerland train and can meet the coaches and sports scientists at the cutting edge of the sport.

The forward path for all our triathletes is into the performance centres at the universities around the UK or in your home country.

Physiotherapy and sports massage treatments are available locally and will incur an additional charge if needed.

Further Information