The accommodation will be at the “Residencia”. The “Residencia” is a 5-minute walk from the BEST Centre, the running track and football pitch and the tennis courts.

There are 7 rooms of between 2 and 6 beds, to accommodate up to 35 students.  The large 6 bed rooms are divided into smaller spaces of 2-3 beds.  There is a large communal room/dining room, smaller study room, kitchen and small dining room and outside spaces in front and behind the “residencia” building with outside furniture.  There is also a washing machine and drying area.

There are separate wet rooms containing showers, sinks and toilets. There are also three showers outside.

The “Residencia” is located just a short walk from the harbour area with the town beach, cafes, restaurants and shops.  There is a supermarket just 50m away.

There will be rules of behaviour in place at all times while in the “Residencia”.  Students will be granted some freedom and independence and will be expected to take responsibility for their behaviour at all times.

The residence will have its own live-in house manager to run the property and look after the students.  The house manager is a person separate from the Loughborough College teachers and BEST Centre coaches with whom the students can talk safely and in confidence.

The provision meets all UK guidelines for residential care of students as well as Spanish requirements. All students on the programme are registered with a local GP and dentist whilst also remaining registered with their doctor at home for holiday periods. There is a designated person responsible for student welfare at all times.

The “Residencia” closes during the Christmas and Easter breaks to allow learners to return home and take a break from the programme. We also use this time to complete necessary maintenance work to the “Residencia” If you would like to stay in Colonia Saint Jordi or Mallorca during these times then you can contact us and we can help you to arrange alternative accommodation.


We take safeguarding seriously and we recognise we are a boarding environment for young people who are living abroad.  We know life can get difficult at times and so we have a safeguarding lead on site, with access to a dedicated and experienced safeguarding support team at Loughborough College. 

There are confidential help lines available for our leaners 24 hours a day as well as staff on site who are trained to spot the signs of anxiety or distress, and who are available to listen to the learners whenever they may be needed.


The food we eat is hugely important to provide us with everything we need as elite athletes.  The meal plans have been worked out in partnership with a sports nutritionist to provide a healthy, balanced meal plan.

Meals are catered at lunch and dinner Monday to Friday.  We provide the food for students to prepare their own meals at weekends to help them learn to live more independently and understand how to put together a healthy meal, fit for their needs.

Residents have access to unlimited quantities of the basics for healthy eating:

Cereal, milk, fruit, bread, fruit, vegetables, salad, eggs, potatoes, pasta, rice, lentils, chick peas, quinoa, beans, chicken and tuna