Mallorca has a long tradition of world class tennis for many years and the standard of tennis on the island is very high.  Carlos Moya and Rafa Nadal both come from the island.  Mallorca is home to the international tennis academies of Rafa Nadal, Jofre Porta’s Global Tennis Team and the Guillermo Vilas Tennis Academy.  We are joining an elite club.

Players at the right level have an excellent opportunity to go to US Colleges on a scholarship where the facilities, level of coaching and competition is outstanding.  We will prepare all our players for scholarships at US Colleges, or the high-level tennis programmes at universities in the UK or your home country.

Our tennis partner is Unity Tennis and we have two, high quality clay courts and two hard courts just a short walk from the BEST Centre. 

Unity Tennis will coach our Academy players alongside their own players and will set the competition calendar for players of all levels: Nationals, Tennis Europe, ITF Juniors, ITF Futures, ATP and WTA.

Unity Tennis

The head coach is Vinicius Emanuel de Oliveira.  Vini started playing aged 9 and was involved in national tournaments from the age of 13 then started coaching aged 18 at one of the top 10 academies in Brazil (ATM Maringa Tennis Academy), then the CEO at V2Tennis Team for more than 2 years.

Vini then moved to Spain to take a Masters degree in high performance in tennis at the University of Barcelona.  While he was there, he started working at one of the largest tennis academies in the world – Sánchez Casal, working with elite players and coaches. Vini then moved to Mallorca and spent more than 3 years at Global Tennis Academy with Jofre Porta, rising to become one of the head coaches in this group.  In 2016 Vini partnered with former player Matias Caceres to set up Unity Tennis for those who want a career as a professional tennis player.

The Unity Tennis philosophy is centred around a belief in teamwork, enjoying the process and giving your maximum effort.  We show all our players how hard work, commitment, responsibility, humility and respect will help them improve their careers as well as in life. High performance tennis requires a lot of sacrifice and we prepare our players to fight for their dreams.

“We believe in hard work, goals and dreams.  Do something outside your comfort zone. That’s when you discover what you really are capable of!”

You can read more about Unity Tennis here.

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